Make Sure Your Child is Back to School Ready… with Martial Arts! (Part 1 of 4)

Hi Parents! Summer is almost over and the Back to School Season has begun. Aren’t you excited? You’ve spent time preparing everything that your child will need. From pens, papers, notebooks and clothes.

But here’s the question: “Is your kid ready to face the challenges that come with going back to school?”

We’re talking about standing up to bullies, gaining self-confidence, speaking up in class, social and decision-making skills and a whole lot more… Martial arts can definitely help in dealing with these challenges. Let’s talk about things martial arts can do for your children to keep them ready for school.


This is one of the most important skills children and even adults can learn. Attending martial arts classes can improve your kid’s self defense skills- so that they can defend themselves if needed.

Our martial arts coaches will teach your kids time-tested techniques, which will help them lessen the chance of getting hurt when bullies attack.

Martial arts is not always about fighting. Rather than letting situations escalate until they are out of control, martial arts can teach your child to de-escalate them. Children learn that he or she will only have to defend themselves physically when the need arises. It is the last resort. That is one of the core beliefs of martial arts.

These self-defense skills will be ingrained into your child’s life and an be used in the future .

You’ll feel a lot better when you know that your kids have the mindset needed to defend themselves.

Next week, we’ll be talking about another way to make your kids back to school ready with martial arts. Stay tuned!

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Happy Back to School Season!