Fitness Kickboxing vs Kickboxing Class

What’s the difference between a fitness kickboxing class and a kickboxing class? When we look at fitness magazines these days, we see a lot of images of people doing kickboxing movements and fitness kickboxing related exercises. Kicking and punching is tons of fun and can provide an incredible workout at the same time. That’s why people […]

Tips to Cope With the End of Summer!

Hey there, Summer in Chicago is, without a doubt, the most looked-forward-to-season, and it is that time of the year that many people are free to do whatever they want. It is the time for vacations, school is out, the sun is out and there are a whole lot of activities to engage in. Reality […]

Savate Seminar with Aubin Kirch

Don’t miss this opportunity to train with 2 Time French Savate Champion Aubin Kirsch. Aubin will share French Team training methods along with his own training and competition secrets. Required equipment: Boxing Gloves MouthGuard Groin Protector Headgear Shin Guards Event Details 3 Sessions Available: Saturday, June 22nd 3pm – 5pm Sunday, June 23rd 12pm – […]

May 5 Kali Weapons Workshop

Take your Kali stick & knife skills to the next level! Guro Roger will cover ranges of stick, knife and empty hand defense including counter striking, disarms, locking and take downs. Required equipment: Kali sticks (pair) & training knife “If you can’t defend yourself with a weapon, does it really make sense to think that […]

How to Kick Higher

High kicks are a difficult and necessary part of many sports and martial arts. Not only do they require power, but also balance and flexibility. Many martial arts trainees struggle with gaining height on kicks, possibly because they are not addressing the basic physical limitations to how high one can safely reach their foot.

What is a Martial Arts Master?

For those practicing any kind of martial art, complete mastery of all techniques is the main focus of their craft. However, someone has to take on the burden of teaching said techniques, and for that job, we look to martial arts master instructors. But what does it take to exhibit expert knowledge of a martial […]

How Martial Arts Conditions Your Brain.

These days, our brains are washed with wave after wave of information. The continued onslaught of the “information age” brings with it incredible stress that most of us feel on a daily basis. Students often tell me how much better they feel after a physically active class. It is well documented that a great workout […]

Interval Training to Reverse Aging!

Those of us who practice martial arts and MMA know that boxing and especially kickboxing and Muay Thai are the gold standard for interval training, but what if I told you that this type of high intensity interval training can actually reverse aging? The toll that aging takes on a body extends all the way […]

Things to Aid Martial Arts Training Outside of Class

When you are training in martial arts, you will notice that the necessary skills don’t exist in the vacuum of your classes. There are many ways to benefit your mind, body, and spirit throughout daily life, and you may find exploring them brings drastic physical and mental improvement to your in-class work. Here are five […]

October 21 Muay Thai Seminar and Rank Test

Beginners, intermediate or advanced students, don’t miss this opportunity to bring your Muay Thai level up! On Sunday, October 21, Ajarn Roger will be sharing his 35+ years of Muay Thai experience. Drilling us in training and fighting techniques in two two hour sessions followed by rank testing. Required Equipment:Boxing gloves, mouth guard, groin protection […]