Tips to Cope With the End of Summer!

Hey there,

Summer in Chicago is, without a doubt, the most looked-forward-to-season, and it is that time of the year that many people are free to do whatever they want. It is the time for vacations, school is out, the sun is out and there are a whole lot of activities to engage in. Reality hits with the arrival of Fall, and you begin to think about going back to the cold weather, the kids return to school, and you have to get back to work. This feeling is called the “August Blues”.

You begin to panic and feel anxious, which we all know is not fun at all. However, all those feelings are totally understandable, and that is why we have put together a list of things that will help you feel better and distract you from the end-of-summer sadness that you are finding hard to shake off.


It’s going to start cooling off outside but don’t let you workouts fall off! Take some time to plan out a new goal to keep you motivated. For a bonus, get an accountability partner and push each other to reach this new goal. Make it fun and give yourself a reward for hitting the new goal.


This is the time for you to take your physical health seriously. When you are healthy physically, you can then focus on your emotional heath. Set some health goals for yourself, such as eating healthy foods that make you feel good, drinking more water and sleeping for a specific number of hours daily. Also, ensure your body gets enough activity because there is a close relationship between exercise and mental health. When you are feeling great physically, you can then focus on getting better emotionally too, and you will be able to put all the summer-ending sadness behind you.


Getting over summertime sadness will not happen by listening to those sad and angry slow songs. Music is an effective way to boost your mood and reduce anxiety. Create a playlist of happy and positive jams that make you want to dance. If you have no ida of what to play, ask your friends who are music buffs for recommendations.


The truth is, after summer, the word keeps going on. Nothing stops, including all the fun and beauty that the world offers. If you are finding it hard to enjoy all the things going on around you, you have to try even if it takes effort. Go out there and do the things that you enjoy or things that will bring some fun into your life. Attend a party, invite some friends over, go and see a movie or simply hang out with someone you cherish. Whatever you do, just ensure you get involved in something that makes you happy and offers support to your wellbeing.



From time to time, your social media friends will upload photos and videos of themselves having fun in beautiful places and sceneries. Seeing pictures like these will bring back memories of summer and make those beautiful summer blues that you are feeling come on stronger. Well, we understand, but you should snap out of those feelings quickly. Here’s why: Your friends are most likely not having any fun now. It is common practice for everyone only to show that side of their life that seems fun. However, no one has fun ALL the time. So you can quit beating yourself down and get rid of that FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) feeling.


Summertime blues can make you feel overwhelmed, which is okay. Nothing is wrong with feeling that way, and it is perfectly okay to request help. You may need to have some time to yourself; reach out to family and friends to help with your children. Reach out to those you consider as your support system and ask for help when necessary. Having some time dedicated to yourself can help you get over your summertime blues.


Taking things slowly may look like the opposite of what you should be doing since you spent the last month on summer trips, but you really should take things slow. Take a break from going out every once in a while and get some rest. You need to make the transition from sumer to fall a bit easier on yourself. Don’t try to make the most out of the remainder of summer; instead, take some nights for yourself, read a book, visit the spa, take a kickboxing class- use some time for yourself and only for yourself.


Summer is a special time of the year, and if you love it the we think you do, the transitional period between Summer and the colder months can be rough. But the inevitable is set in stone. No matter how much you hold onto your summer memories, Fall will come, and it will run its course. Just do not forget to take care of yourself!

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Have a wonderful day!