Savate Seminar with Aubin Kirch

Don’t miss this opportunity to train with 2 Time French Savate Champion Aubin Kirsch. Aubin will share French Team training methods along with his own training and competition secrets. Required equipment: Boxing Gloves MouthGuard Groin Protector Headgear Shin Guards Event Details 3 Sessions Available: Saturday, June 22nd 3pm – 5pm Sunday, June 23rd 12pm – […]

June 16 – Dad & Me Kickboxing!

Maybe you’ve sat and watched your kids in action in our classes and you’ve felt a urge to join in the fun? Or, maybe your child has never done martial arts either and you think it would be fun to start a new activity together? Or, maybe you and you child currently train but love […]

May 5 Kali Weapons Workshop

Take your Kali stick & knife skills to the next level! Guro Roger will cover ranges of stick, knife and empty hand defense including counter striking, disarms, locking and take downs. Required equipment: Kali sticks (pair) & training knife “If you can’t defend yourself with a weapon, does it really make sense to think that […]

How to Kick Higher

High kicks are a difficult and necessary part of many sports and martial arts. Not only do they require power, but also balance and flexibility. Many martial arts trainees struggle with gaining height on kicks, possibly because they are not addressing the basic physical limitations to how high one can safely reach their foot.

April 7 Muay Thai Seminar & Rank Test

Join us for a Muay Thai Seminar at Kensho Martial Arts. Ajarn Rojer Luri will guide you through an intensive workshop where you can earn your next Muay Thai rank. Event Details Date: Sunday, April 7, 2019 Time: 12:00pm – 6PM Location: Kensho Martial Arts 1030 W. North Avenue 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60642 Schedule […]

What is a Martial Arts Master?

For those practicing any kind of martial art, complete mastery of all techniques is the main focus of their craft. However, someone has to take on the burden of teaching said techniques, and for that job, we look to martial arts master instructors. But what does it take to exhibit expert knowledge of a martial […]

February 10 Flexibility Workshop

Join Sensei Roger who will go over stretching techniques to obtain optimal flexibility to bring your training (and Kicks) to new heights. This workshop is open to all students ages 13 and up. Event Details: Date: February 10, 2019 Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Cost: Starting at $25 Location: Kensho Martial Arts 1030 W. North Avenue 3rd […]

March 3, 2018 Savate Seminar & USSF Rank Test

Join us for an intensive seminar training with Silver Glove Master instructors Roger Luri, Michael Ilic & Greg Znajda. Earn your next glove rank! Early registration special won’t last long! Reserve your spot TODAY! Event Details: Date: March 3, 2019 Time: 12pm – 6pm Cost: Starting at $100 Location: Kensho Martial Arts 1030 W. North […]

Things to Aid Martial Arts Training Outside of Class

When you are training in martial arts, you will notice that the necessary skills don’t exist in the vacuum of your classes. There are many ways to benefit your mind, body, and spirit throughout daily life, and you may find exploring them brings drastic physical and mental improvement to your in-class work. Here are five […]