7 Crucial Success Secrets – For Teens & Tweens

 You’re about to discover the 7 crucial lessons that Kensho’s Kids & Teen Martial Arts program stresses in order to help teens and tweens learn to be successful on their own terms
This philosophy comes down to this: You can create any life you
want, no matter how difficult it may seem, but only by understanding how
small, positive steps make a difference over time. The things you do every
single day—things that don’t look like such a big deal or like they don’t even
matter—do matter.
This report is meant be a first step to answering  these important questions and challenges every parent faces:
  • What’s the missing link for motivating my kid?
  • How can I help my child to concentrate and accomplish his/her goals.
  • How can I help my teen or tween to feel more capable and fulfilled.
  • How can I help my child to get his/her life on a great track?
  • What’s the one activity that can really help my kid to develop the mindset he/she needs to find success on his/her own terms?
 p.s. If you enjoy this report, don’t miss the link at the end for a Free E Book or Audio Book from the Success Foundation.
Here are the main points:
1. HABITS Are Powerful – Little Things Matter:The little things you do every day, whether
positive or negative, will determine what kind of life you lead. Just as negative habits will hold us back, Positive habits are powerful tools that can help you reach your full potential. The process of learning martial arts is very focused on noticing and learning to modify our habits.
2. ATTITUDE Is Everything: Your actions are driven by what you most deeply
believe about yourself and the world. Make sure you take steps daily to nurture a positive attitude and beliefs.
3. Use the Moment: You can create a better future by spending less time in
the past and taking action in the present. Taking action in the right now keeps us from wasting time thinking about the things that need to be done or worrying about the future which has not happened. This is how we move toward the future we want to create.
4. Everything Starts with Small Steps: Every success in life, large or small,
starts and continues with small steps. As we begin to see progress, we are motivated to do more.
5. There’s No Such Thing As Failure: Success is built on failure, because it
helps you discover your strengths and creates unexpected opportunities.
6. You’re Always Learning: There’s no standing still in life, as you always
have opportunities to learn something new.
7. You Can Make Your Dreams into Reality: By taking small, positive steps
over time, your dreams can come true.
Download your free E Book or Audio Book here http://successfoundation.org/just-for-teens.html
The Success Foundation is a Not for Profit Organization. If you enjoy their training material, please donate generously. Kensho Martial Arts is in no way affiliated with the Success Foundation or the authors of Success for Teens.
Of course these Success “secrets” are not really secrets at all, so why do so few people successfully make use of them? It’s all about number 1. These 7 steps have to become habits; a way of life!
At Kensho Martial Arts, these 7 steps are the basis our practice and philosophy.
In our Kids and Adult classes you’ll learn to reinforce these ideas on a daily basis along with a group of supportive, like minded training partners. By constant reinforcement over a period of time, these “ secrets” become a way of life. That’s the real secret and that’s why there is no such thing as an “average” black belt.
Also, if you’re serious about giving your child the tools they’ll need. Get your child started in the one activity that will help him or her to develop habits that will help them build success on their own terms, make sure to check out Kensho’s Kids (and Adult) Martial Arts Programs.
Roger Luri
Head Instructor
Kensho Martial Arts