Sensei’s #1 Fitness and Focus Secret!

As a martial arts instructor. I find that one of the things I love about martial arts is that it helps me to stay focused on balancing what’s important to me in my life. For me, being healthy and fit is one of the pillars of a happy life. Without health and fitness, I find it’s difficult to fully enjoy life.

Sensei Kicking

When I was in my 20’s and single, I found it easy to make time to work out and train in martial arts. In fact  I would often plan my days around it. Of course for me this was (many) years ago now and  these days I find it a lot more challenging for me to make sure that I train consistently.

As a parent and business owner, taking care of myself can easily fall to the bottom of the priorities list. The fact is that regardless of our age or where we are in life, we’re all a lot busier and have a lot more distractions than we had just a few years ago.

So what’s the secret to making sure it happens?

Do what most successful people do in order to make sure that the important things get done:


How do you think you’d do in your career if you only showed up at work after you’d finished doing the other things in life that you cared about? Work is a priority for most of us because we need to be there every day. If it was something that we did only when we get around to it, we wouldn’t be very sucsessful.

Make a weekly calendar. Plan your workout times, put them on your calendar and show up at those times just like you show up for work. First step is to show up consistently. The payoff is that you’ll feel better and be way more productive if you’re not stressing out about what you should be doing.

The next step is to set short term and long term goals. This way we always remember why we are doing it. Martial arts training is great for staying motivated and setting meaningful goals. It not only helps us be stronger, more flexible and more confident, it helps us to stay focused on maintaining balance in our lives.