January MARS Kali Workshop @ Kensho Martial Arts

Martial Arts Research Systems (MARS) Kali Requirements Workshop with Guro Marc Halleck at Kensho Martial Arts (1030 W North Ave, 3rd Floor, Chicago) on Sunday, January 14th at 11am.

Join Guro Marc Halleck and learn the M.A.R.S. (Martial Arts Research Systems) Kali curriculum. Whether your goal is to improve your Kali technique or prepare to test with M.A.R.S. founder Ron Balicki, Guro Marc will take your skill to the next level.

Kali workshop

Kali, Eskrima & Arnis are umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines that emphasize weapon based fighting with sticks, knives, other bladed weapons and various improvised weapons. It also includes hand to hand combat (Panantukan, Dumog, etc.) and weapon disarming techniques. Though Filipino martial arts are practiced by people of all sizes, they are especially well suited for women or smaller individuals, since a weapon tends to equalize size differences.

The Filipino Martial Arts are some of the most street-smart, battle-worthy and  graceful flowing systems in the world today. Filipino Martial Arts have been honed thru centuries of tribal warfare and defense from invading forces. These arts have continued to evolve in modern times with multitudes of practitioners all over the world and are now featured in the fight choreography of many popular action movies. Kali and Filipino Martial Arts are unique  in that training normally begins with basic weapon training.

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