HIIT Kickboxing for Serious Fitness Training

HIIT Kickboxing workouts today combine old school methods with the latest and greatest technology to achieve maximum  RPM (results per minute)!

When people think of kickboxing for fitness, what probably comes to mind for most people is a cardio kickboxing class. Kickboxing fitness workouts have now graduated to a much higher level.

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become a very popular buzzword in the fitness world HIIT Kickboxing Bootcamp Bag workthese days. Most higher end fitness facilities have installed “Performance Training” areas for group interval training using functional fitness exercises.

For many years runners, bike racers, football players and top level athletes in many sports have been using interval training to increase their speed and endurance. Interval training is simply alternating periods of varying, pre defined levels of exertion with periods of rest (or periods of lesser exertion). Sports such as bicycle road racing and running are all about speed and endurance, so these type of sports have refined interval training to a very high level in order to get athletes to their highest possible fitness levels for competition.

A solid kickboxing workout includes rounds of bag work and shadow boxing combined with  interval training using whole body functional fitness and strength exercises for whole body cardio and strength training. This type of training is designed to kick your metabolism into high gear and helps achieve high levels of fitness fast!

Intervals result in focused conditioning

Boxing & kickboxing competitions use with rounds which of course are intervals. Likewise, fighters usually train using a round timer. Top trainers and fighters have always used interval training by varying round times and intensities in their workouts to build their fighter’s speed and endurance. Interval training tends to build better focus since the athlete knows that there will be a rest or easy interval coming after a high exertion interval. This mind-body connection is critical in order to achieve maximum results in training. Through training, fighters learn to be able to focus their maximum efforts for the round given the amount or rest they can expect in between rounds. Fighters also use this type of interval training in their conditioning workouts which are done in tandem with their training.

Tracking your results

For HIIT kickboxing training, wearable technology such as MyZone now allows participants to monitor their heart rate while training in order to easily keep their efforts in the correct prescribed training zone (% of max heart rate) so that they get maximum benefit from their training time.  This also allows participants to easily quantify and track how hard they are working and their progress over time.