Are you up for the challenge?

Martial Arts for Teens

 Martial Arts for Kids 12-16

Our teen martial arts curriculum is designed to challenge teens physically and mentally. Your child will work with other kids in their age group to master a repertoire of martial arts techniques for self-defense, physical fitness and emotional well-being—all in a positive environment that fosters teamwork and respect.

Classes are challenging but fun. Teens train in many different martial styles.

Recognition. Reward. Ranking.

Progressing through ranks will help your child develop the confidence to push their boundaries and maintain a winning attitude! In addition to the learning the fundamentals of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Kickboxing, students explore and master techniques from a number of other martial arts. These include Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Filipino Kali and French Savate.

Instructors include advanced older students and young adults who serve as role models and show our students that their goals are within reach.

Targeted towards the needs of teens, our curriculum will help your child develop and maintain:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Achievement Habits
  • A Healthy Mindset
  • An Active Lifestyle
  • Self-Defense Skills

Inner strength, awareness, and a positive attitude.

Students gain the confidence that comes from knowing how to defend themselves while building awareness and safe habits—learning to recognize unsafe situations at school, at home, in public settings and everywhere they go. Students learn how to diffuse a situation using verbal defense, as well as using attitude and strong body language to prevent bullying and harassment. They learn to defend themselves in a variety of situations, but are taught that fighting is the last resort.

A fun and supportive environment.

Kensho martial arts is an amazing place for my children to learn martial arts in a safe, supporting environment which is also challenging and disciplined.  Roger and Christine the owners are amazing, and the parent community is warm and positive. 

Richard D.

Everyone is so nice and caring towards the kids. Plus they are really good instructors. My daughter loves Kensho!

Elisabetta S.

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