Help Provide Autism Therapy for Children and their Families by checking in at Kensho in April

Hey friends, This April we’re happy to support Autism Awareness month by partnering with The Autism Site to provide therapy for children with autism. Every 2 “check-ins” on Facebook or location “tags” on Instagram, provides one minute of therapy to an autistic child and their family. The Autism Site provides access to incredible play therapy […]

Roger Luri & Ron Balicki talk about their Chicago JKD Martial Arts Roots

  In this Video, Kensho Martial Arts head instructor Roger Luri talks with martial arts legend, actor, producer and fight coreographer Ron Balicki of Martial Arts Research Systems about their Chicago JKD – mixed martial arts roots in the early 1980’s under Grand Master Fred Degerberg, Guro Dan Inosanto et al.   Roger Luri:                  Hey, […]

Watch out for the “Crabs”!

If you put one crab in a small pot, it can easily escape. But, did you know that if you put several in a pot together, they instinctively pull each other back in anytime one of them tries to climb out. This is called “crab mentality.” They instinctively drag each other down and seal their fate together. People […]

Secrets to Inspire Kids & Keep them Motivated & Engaged

As a parent and kids martial arts instructor, I meet parents all the time who tell me that their kids jump from one activity to another and quickly lose interest and move on. It’s really awesome that parents are able to provide kids with a variety of learning experiences, but at Kensho we find that for kids to really […]

Kids Should Train with Weapons?

Sounds crazy, right? You might be surprised to find that there are a lot of great reasons for kids to do weapon training as is done in Kali and Filipino Martial Arts. The idea of Kensho’s adult and kids mixed martial arts system is for students to become complete martial artists capable of defending themselves in […]

7 Crucial Success Secrets – For Teens & Tweens

 You’re about to discover the 7 crucial lessons that Kensho’s Kids & Teen Martial Arts program stresses in order to help teens and tweens learn to be successful on their own terms.  This philosophy comes down to this: You can create any life you want, no matter how difficult it may seem, but only by understanding […]

Why FOCUS is Key for Kids and 6 Proven Ways to Build it!

Does your child seem distracted? Or unable to focus? You are NOT alone! This is a source of frustration for many parents. In our Kids Martial Arts Program, we have developed methods to help kids build focus. In this guide, we share some simple techniques that you can use right now to help your child improve his/her focus. […]