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7 Crucial Success Secrets – For Teens & Tweens

 You’re about to discover the 7 crucial lessons that Kensho’s Kids & Teen Martial Arts program stresses in order to help teens and tweens learn to be successful on their own terms.  This philosophy comes down to this: You can create any life you want, no matter how difficult it may seem, but only by understanding […]

Why FOCUS is Key for Kids and 6 Proven Ways to Build it!

Does your child seem distracted? Or unable to focus? You are NOT alone! This is a source of frustration for many parents. In our Kids Martial Arts Program, we have developed methods to help kids build focus. In this guide, we share some simple techniques that you can use right now to help your child improve his/her focus. […]

Fitness Kickboxing vs Kickboxing Class

What’s the difference between a fitness kickboxing class and a kickboxing class? When we look at fitness magazines these days, we see a lot of images of people doing kickboxing movements and fitness kickboxing related exercises. Kicking and punching is tons of fun and can provide an incredible workout at the same time. That’s why people […]

Forward Triangle Footwork in Filipino Martial Arts

Triangle footwork is common in Filipino Boxing /Martial Arts and also in many other styles. The video above demonstrates our forward triangle as often used in Filipino Boxing. The forward triangle can be used for counter-punching as in boxing, for trapping entries as in Jun Fan/JKD or Silat, or in the context of a weapon […]

Kickboxing Workouts – Where do I Start?

So you see all the fitness magazines full of articles with pics of fitness models having big fun doing kickboxing workouts, but where do you start? Videos and pics of people punching and kicking often make kickboxing workouts look so easy, but you try it and suddenly you feel like a dork. Turns out that much like salsa […]

HIIT Kickboxing for Serious Fitness Training

HIIT Kickboxing workouts today combine old school methods with the latest and greatest technology to achieve maximum  RPM (results per minute)! When people think of kickboxing for fitness, what probably comes to mind for most people is a cardio kickboxing class. Kickboxing fitness workouts have now graduated to a much higher level. High Intensity Interval […]